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Resources for Managing Research Data at Duke


Duke research administration leaders and experts

Research has entered a new era where expectations of transparency and reproducibility in research are higher than ever. Proper data management is becoming an increasingly important school for researchers to master, as federal sponsors, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), require that research proposals include a Data Management and Sharing Plan. In order to maintain data integrity research teams need to organize and store their data, document research processes related to their data and ensure that everyone participating in the research project is following established data management practices consistently. Duke has a wealth of resources and support services to help researchers determine the best strategies for their research projects, so that data integrity is maintained throughout the entire research cycle. Join us for a research town hall where data policy experts present some key resources for managing data at Duke. Attending this event for at least 60 minutes fulfills the RCR-200 requirement. Register:


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