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Research Town Hall: Disseminating Research to the Public


Duke researchers and communication experts

Communicating research findings, scholarly work and expertise is as important as research itself. Because, in a broader sense, this ensures that the results of your work reach the people who can use them; it reach other scientists, publishers, newspapers, policy makers, organizational leaders, educational entities, community advocates, human subjects and research beneficiaries. Ensuring that your research reaches these multiple audiences amplifies the impact that research has on society. But how to effectively and ethically disseminate research and scholarship in the internet era? How to make sure that your research results are not altered or exaggerated in the process of communication? How can scientists, researchers and scholars control their messages? How to successfully translate complex, jargon and abstract research content to reach wider audiences? How to increase your presence on social media? Are some media channels more "suitable" than others? Join us for a virtual town hall where Duke Communications experts and researchers who are also very successful communicators, discuss best practices and tips for successful and ethical research dissemination. Attending this event fulfills the Collaborative RCR-200 requirement for Faculty and Staff engaged in research at Duke. Register at the link:


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