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The Path from Undergrad to Graduate School

Join us to learn from current and former PhD students about what their work experiences looked like between undergrad and graduate work, why they decided to go back to school, how they figured out what to go back to school for, and what being a graduate student is like. We will be joined by Garrett Baker, a joint PhD student in public policy and sociology; Gayane Baziyants, currently pursuing a joint PhD in public policy and psychology, and Jane Leer, a recent graduate with a PhD in public policy and psychology. Between them, they have work experience at RAND, Save the Children, Child Trends, Franklin Porter Graham, and working internationally in child and community development. Garrett Baker is a third-year Ph.D. student in the joint program in public policy and sociology at Duke. His research centers on families, social inequality, and barriers to opportunity, with a particular focus on the criminal justice, child welfare, and education systems. Gayane Baziyants is a joint Ph.D. student of public policy and psychology & neuroscience. At Duke, she is examining the impacts of child and family policies. Specifically, Gayane is researching ways of supporting children's development and overall family well-being. Jane Leer is an interdisciplinary researcher whose work examines the intersection between social inequality, policy, and child development in the United States and globally. She completed her PhD in public policy and psychology at Duke in August 2022 and is now a post-doctoral scholar at Boston College, working on a National Institute of Health grant, Targeting Health Disparities through Housing Redevelopment: A Natural Experiment of Housing Quality, Stability, and Economic Integration.


Lecture/Talk & Information Session