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Lessons Learned from Research Misconduct Cases – Towards a Culture of Integrity


Donna Kessler, PHD

Join us for a workshop hosted by the Duke Office of Scientific Integrity to hear about the lessons learned from two Duke research misconduct cases: The Omics Case and the Pulmonary Case. What are the potential causes of these cases and the impact they had? What are some of the key steps that the institution has taken to support a strong research environment where research is conducted with utmost rigor and integrity? Register at the link: In order to join the event you have to access it via and login through SSO, with your net ID and Duke password. Only authenticated Duke users can join. If you attend the event for RCR-200 credit, you must be present for minim 60 minutes and participate in the breakout room discussion. Event reminders will be sent to you via email one week and one day ahead of the event.


Ethics, Research, Workshop/Short Course