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Governing After War: Rebel Victories and Post-war Statebuilding


Shelley Liu & Edmund Malesky

How do rebel victors govern when they are in power? Join Shelley Liu, assistant professor of public policy, and Edmund Malesky, professor of political economy and director of the Duke Center for International Development, for a discussion on how rebel governance shapes post-war resource allocation and the consolidation of power when rebels win war. Liu is the author of the forthcoming book, "Governing After War: Rebel Victories and Post-war Statebuilding." The book explores how rebel governance affects post-war state-building and regime stability. The book marshals mixed-methods evidence from Zimbabwe and Liberia to provide an in-depth examination of subnational variation in wartime rebel governance and post-war state-building efforts. Refreshments will be available starting at 4:15.


Book Signing, Lecture/Talk, Politics, Social Sciences