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Foreign Aid: Does It Have a Future?


Dr. Phyllis Pomerantz & Dr. Edmund Malesky

Phyllis Pomerantz, professor emerita of the practice of public policy, and Edmund Malesky, director of the Duke Center for International Development, will explore whether foreign aid practices have improved over time and will focus on current issues and controversies surrounding aid given by the U.S., China, EU members and others. Pomerantz is the author of "Foreign Aid: Policy and Practice," published in July 2023 by Routledge. The book provides readers with a comprehensive summary of the background, actors, core principles and policies, and intended (and unintended) outcomes of foreign aid, followed by an informed and balanced treatment of the key controversies and trends in aid today. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in development practice and 16 years at DCID, Pomerantz reflects on recent efforts to accelerate aid's impact and offers perspective on the future of aid. The event, open to the public, will include time for questions from the audience and an opportunity to purchase Pomerantz's book. Need a virtual option? Register for a streaming link:


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