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FIRG Seminar: "Mister Rogers' Blueprints for Learning - For 2021 and Beyond"

Join Professor Joel Fleishman and guest speaker, Gregg Behr, Executive Director of the Grable Foundation, as Mr. Behr shares about his new book, "When You Wonder, You're Learning" based off of Mister Roger's enduring lesson for raising creative, curious, caring kids. This event is hosted by the Center for Strategic Philanthropy Civil Society, and co-hosted by the Center for Child and Family Policy. Contact: Masks required. To register:;!!OToaGQ!8iIAu1JV_yPNOqw9-4Z9eZPvY5feHY-gAhJF2yJ6gC6a-qFQEDFiq_HzniGR3ZvEmyg$