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FIRG Seminar: "The Case for Autonomous but Related Foundations: The Hewlett Foundation and the Flora Family Foundation"


Steve Toben

In this seminar, we will consider the value of establishing separate but related foundations to advance the philanthropic interests of a donor family. The Flora Family Foundation (FFF) is the sister organization to the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation. Established in 1998, FFF supports the philanthropic activities of the Hewlett family and provides training to third and fourth generation members of the family for eventual service on the Hewlett Foundation board of directors. The thirty members of the FFF Family Council are encouraged both to make individual grants and to participate in collective grantmaking. Like the Hewlett Foundation, FFF funds work in the environment, international development, education, the arts, and civic well-being (among other areas), but there are many distinctions in the strategies and approaches of the two foundations. The complementary relationship between the Hewlett Foundation and FFF is unique in American philanthropy.


Energy, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Health/Wellness, Human Rights, Information Session, Natural Sciences, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium, Research, Social Sciences