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Enabling the Environment for Conducting Research with Integrity at Duke


Duke Leaders and Researchers

What can we do to create and support an environment where research integrity is at the core of the research endeavor? The NASEM Report "Integrity in Scientific Research: Creating an Environment that Promotes Responsible Conduct of Research" concluded that the concept of research integrity embodies "individual's commitment to intellectual honesty and personal responsibility" while for an institution "is a commitment to creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct by embracing standards of excellence, trustworthiness, and lawfulness and then assessing whether researchers and administrators perceive that an environment with high levels of integrity has been created". A key role in creating an environment for research integrity is played by the processes, resources and structures that are put in place to promote responsible research conduct. Join us to learn about institutional resources and research practices for enabling an environment where research is conducted with utmost integrity. Attending this event fulfills the Collaborative RCR-200 requirement. Register at the link:


Ethics, Lecture/Talk, Meeting, Research