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Careers in Child and Family Policy: State and Local Government


Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews, program coordinator, Durham Misdemeanor Diversion Program, Criminal Justice Resource Center, Durham County; and Alena Antonowich, current MPP student and former analyst for the NYC Department of Education, will talk about opportunities to work in child and family policy within state and local governments, as well as other career adventures. This speaker series is for Duke students who want to learn more about careers in child and family policy. Meetings are designed to help students explore the wide range of job opportunities and careers available in the field of child and family policy while creating a network of students who share their professional interests. At weekly meetings, we will discuss how to forge a career in policy by speaking with people doing policy work in education, health, juvenile justice, child welfare, economic security, and other areas. Learn from people who went straight into policy jobs, pursued law school, joined Teach for America, or have made a careers in academia. Speakers will talk about how they got started, about the turns they took along the way, and what they have enjoyed most. They will also share tips for launching your career and what they look for when hiring.


Alumni/Reunion, Information Session, Panel/Seminar/Colloquium