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Hire a Graduate

MPP Graduates

Chart showing MPP First Positions by Policy Area

Each year, 60-65 students graduate from our MPP program, most with two to four years of prior work experience, including Peace Corps, Americorps and Teach for America. Our graduates have completed coursework in quantitative and qualitative analysis, policy electives, consulting with real-world clients and projects, and a required policy internship. MPP graduates pursue domestic and international careers in all levels of government, analytical nonprofits, and consulting firms and private companies seeking solutions to public sector problems.

We encourage you to consider our talented MPP candidates for important positions in your organization, and we offer our assistance as you plan your recruiting and employment program. You can:


  • Schedule a videoconference or video interview. Employers unable to schedule on-campus recruiting may take advantage of the Sanford School's videoconferencing facilities to offer group information sessions or to conduct one-on-one interviews. We prefer to do videoconferencing via IP, but are capable of doing videoconferencing via ISDN. Contact the Career Office for scheduling and rates for this service.
  • Meet our students in Washington, D.C.  In early January, our first-year students travel to Washington to meet with Duke alumni and others in policy positions in small groups, panels and networking events. We can schedule time for you to talk with our students during this two-day event.


Hiring International Students

Prepare your organization now for the increasing need for global awareness in all organizations by hiring international students for internships and entry-level jobs. Our international students can be valuable employees, and the process is simple once you know the rules. International students enrolled in U.S. schools generally are eligible for post-graduate work authorization through their university for a year, giving you time to evaluate your new employee and complete the necessary paperwork to sponsor their continued visa status. Contact Career Services with any questions you have.

Chart showing MPP first positions by sector

Public Policy Majors

The Sanford School's large undergraduate Public Policy major attracts campus leaders and activists to our multi-disciplinary problem-solving curriculum. Approximately 175 students graduate from the program each year. Some of our graduates are passionate about a specific issue and want to begin careers in relevant nonprofits or government organizations. Our majors are also appealing candidates for positions in consulting and financial services, where their analytical skills are highly valued.

PhD Graduates

The Sanford School's PhD in Public Policy Program is distinguished by its truly interdisciplinary nature. The program offers a unique balance of depth in a discipline such as:

  • economics
  • political science
  • psychology
  • sociology   

along with the opportunity to focus on a particular policy area such as social policy, global policy or health policy.

Our PhD Program began in 2007, and we now have 3 to 5 job market candidates each year. See our students' success on the job market, which affirms the strength of our program. They have secured positions in research organizations, policy consulting firms and the academy, in public policy, public administration and policy-oriented schools. They are united by their passion to conduct research that matters and their desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Please view Our PhD Job Market Candidates and reach out to them or to their faculty mentors.