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Alumni Notes Archive


Alejandro Weber is now a partner and senior director with a consulting firm that focuses on strategy and institutional capacity. He is based in Santiago, Chile.

MIDP   2017   news added August 2017

Joshua Cootware is currently volunteering with Spirit of America. SoA is a non-profit where US citizens can directly support the safety and success of deployed US troops and diplomats. Spirit of America provides flexible, private assistance in response to local needs identified by deployed American troops and diplomats. We provide humanitarian and economic assistance, as well as equipment needed by US partner forces, in support of US missions and the local people American troops and diplomats seek to help. Please follow the link to see how you can get involved:   or reach out to with any questions. 

MIDP   2017   news added November 2017

Jennie Davis recently participated in the MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp, a week-long intensive entrepreneurship course focused on solving the world's problem on food, nutrition, and health. The experimental sessions took place in Hsinchu, Taiwan with 45 other students from all over the world. Each day, the group worked on the building blocks of starting a business from finding a problem, business models, social entrepreneurship, and finding a solution. Her team created a prototype called MySeedStory, a learning tool for children to grow their food and to capture their moments. They are still in the planning phase and reaching out to potential investors on how to get it to market and for funding. 

MIDP   2017   news added October 2017

As part of his masters project, Tyler Gamble ran an experiment based on behavioral economics to get more people to pay their taxes on time in Guilford County, N.C., with help from Ryan Smith MPP'14. Watch a video about the project here.

MPP   2017   news added August 2017

Joshua Cootware and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a son, Maximus "Max" Alfred Cootware in August. 

MIDP   2017   news added August 2017

Idrissa Kanu returned to his pre-Duke job as director of Revenue and Tax Policy in the Ministry of Finance in Sierra Leone and received a pay raise of more than 30 percent.

MIDP   2017   news added September 2017

Suresh Kumar Nair is now Private Secretary to the Minister of Urban Development.

MIDP   2017   news added July 2017

Sureshkumar Nair is now Joint Secretary to the government of India and is posted in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as Addl. CEO of GeM (Government e-Marketplace), a one stop e-commerce platform for goods and services used by the government that aims to make government procurements transparent, fast, cheap, and corruption free. 

MIDP   2017   news added October 2017


Ipchita Bharali is starting as the new Policy Analyst for the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health. 

MIDP   2016   news added June 2017

Ipchita Bharali is now an Associate in Research at the Duke Global Health Institute in Durham, North Carolina.

MIDP   2016   news added September 2016