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Alumni Notes


Emily Pechar Diamond is now an assistant professor of communications studies and marine affairs at the University of Rhode Island.

PhD   2019   news added August 2019

In Memorium: Augie Gonzalez and two of his children passed away on Memorial Day weekend in a tragic car accident. He was a U.S. Army major and was relocating his family for his next assignment in Colorado Springs.

MPP   2019   news added August 2019

Shandiin Herrera  had an article in the new issue of Duke Magazine, “The Land is My Legacy.”

PPS   2019   news added August 2019


Ada Ozonevo-Umenwaliri is currently a consultant with Results4Development.

MIDP   2018   news added December 2018

Martine Aurelien started a new position as a policy fellow in the budget and tax center at the NC Justice Center this month after working as senior fellow at the Redwoods Group over the summer.

MPP   2018   news added August 2018

Techa Beaumont and her husband Leeroy had a new baby - Mahlukai Ezra Oscar Mills-Beaumont, who was born on March 19, 2019. Congratulations! Techa has taken a few months maternity leave from her new work at the Centre of Conservation Geography, an environmental consultancy company. She has been working since her return to Australia in the role of Co-director, doing a combination of research-based project work and organizational management. 

MIDP   2018   news added April 2019

Adam Beyer is working with the Democratic Party in Montana. 

PPS   2018   news added July 2018

Chao Chen interned with Duke’s Belt and Road Initiative before returning to China to continue her work in international cooperation with National Development and Reform Commission of China.

MIDP   2018   news added January 2019

Victoria Clemons was promoted to Major in the United States Army, effective June 1st

MIDP   2018   news added May 2019

Sosro Dahana is now the Team Leader of Risk Management in the Project Management Office, Directorate of Business Transformation, Directorate General of Taxes in Indonesia.

MIDP   2018   news added July 2018