Sargsyan Joins Sanford School as the 2024 Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor

 February 20, 2024

Arpine Sargsyan joined the Sanford School of Public Policy in February 2024 as a Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor for a four-month appointment.

Woman looking at camera while standing in profile.
Arpine Sargsyan

Sargsyan holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics and has authored 18 scholarly articles. Her research has been featured at different national and international conferences and published in reputable journals. Working as the Head of Research and Development at the Armenian State University of Economics Gyumri branch, she spearheads research initiatives and fosters academic excellence. Sargsyan’s research journey has led her to investigate the role of artificial intelligence and digitalization in enhancing the competitiveness of universities, a critical area in the evolving landscape of education.

Sargsyan's academic journey has been enriched by her international engagements, including a notable stint as a Visiting Scholar/Researcher at the LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at KU Leuven in Belgium. Her interests and experience encompass a wide array of responsibilities, including lecturing on various subjects such as Theory of Economics, Marketing, Project Management, Human Resource Management, International Economics, and Corporate Finance.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Sargsyan is actively involved in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Driven by a passion for exploring diverse cultures and perspectives, Sargsyan has cultivated rich international experiences throughout her career. Her enthusiasm for traveling and immersing herself in different countries has not only broadened her worldview but has also enriched her academic endeavors.

After recently arriving at Duke, Sargsyan expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration with Sanford. 

"Joining Duke Sanford School of Public Policy is not just an opportunity; it's a convergence of my academic journey and my aspirations to make a meaningful impact on the global stage. I'm thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate closely with esteemed colleagues at Duke Sanford, exploring the captivating intersection of technology and educational policy. I am confident that this exhilarating journey will unveil the transformative effects of digital innovations on education, illuminating pathways for societal progress and enlightenment".

The Visiting Yesil Professor fellowship is a fully-funded visiting scholar role by way of a generous donation by Duke alum, Magdelena Yesil. This fellowship looks to attract exceptional scholars specifically from Armenian universities.

As part of its global mission to improve the quality of public policymaking through research, teaching, and policy engagement, the Sanford School of Public Policy hosts both short- and long-term visiting scholars on a highly selective basis.