Mohanan One of 100 Most Influential Academics in Government

 January 5, 2022

Manoj Mohanan, associate professor of public policy, economics and global health, has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Academics in Government by Apolitical, a company dedicated to help provide government with the ongoing learning and sharing common to business sectors.

The list, drawn from nominations by public sector representatives, highlights academics from around the world whose work has influenced the policymaking process and the work of government. This year’s list focuses on five policy areas, including recovery from COVID-19, employment, social policy, climate and sustainability and the policymaking process.

Mohanan is being recognized for his research in global health and on COVID-19 seroprevalence studies in India in the early part of the pandemic. His co-author and collaborator on COVID studies in India, Professor Anup Malani from University of Chicago, is also featured on the list.  Mohanan’s ongoing research examines the long-term consequences of the large-scale disruptions caused by the pandemic and its effect on the vulnerability of households.