Milestones for Sanford Faculty

 May 2, 2023

In the past few weeks, Sanford cheered, toasted and even let out a few shouts of joy in celebration of several faculty honors.

In April, we received big news. It is a testament to the excellence of this school that the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, announced the election of … not one … not two, but, three members of the Sanford faculty into the Academy:   

Antepli, Sullivan, Dodge
Left to right: Antepli, Sullivan, Dodge
  • Professor of the Practice, Abdullah Antepli, known for his amazing work on peace and bridge-building 
  • Professor Ken Dodge, famous for his pathbreaking work on early childhood interventions to improve the lives of children and their families  
  • Egan Visiting Professor Margaret Sullivan, renowned for her illustrious career in journalism  

These colleagues join our two faculty members, Duke President Vincent Price, and Professor Joel Fleishman, who are both already members of the Academy.  

Joel Fleishman's last class at Sanford

On the subject of Joel Fleishman, this was a moment to mark – his last official semester teaching at Sanford after more than 50 years. When he taught his last class a few weeks ago, we captured this touching video showing the significant impact Joel has had on our students and graduates. However, Joel is quick to point out that he is not retiring, just "downsizing," and will still play an active role in the school. We are very thankful for all he has done for Sanford and Duke in the past, present and into the future.

three men, standing and smiling
Left to right: Clotfelter, Shukla, Kelly
Two men, smiling
Left to right: Fernholz, Brownell

The celebration and kudos continue with faculty who are transitioning to retirement: Professors Charlie Clotfelter, Fernando Fernholz, Roy Kelly and GP Shukla. Charlie is one of the most influential scholars in education, along with his expertise in public finance and the nonprofit sector. 

Fernando, Roy, and GP were the early backbone of our Duke Center for International Development, forming the public finance group and working as a team to give advice to international governments for many years. We also thank and honor our former Dean Kelly Brownell on his retirement.

Each individual honor is cause for celebration. Together, all of the faculty honored recently represent the excellence of Sanford and Duke. Congratulations, Sanford faculty!


Judith Kelley
Dean and ITT/Terry Sanford Professor of Public Policy and Political Science


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