Khachatryan Joins Sanford School as the 2023 Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor

 September 8, 2023

Headshot of Robert Khachatryan
Robert Khachatryan

Robert Khachatryan joined the Sanford School of Public Policy in September 2023 as a Magdalena Yesil Visiting Professor for a five month appointment. 

Khachatryan is an Associate Professor with a solid 17-year experience in higher education governance, policy development, and quality assurance. Committed to both teaching and consultancy for different entities such as the World Bank, Robert's achievements are also evident in his robust research contributions within higher education governance, education policy design, and quality management.

Having completed an executive education program from the esteemed Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Khachatryan has consistently showcased his dedication to professional development. Further, at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, he expanded his research profile, delving into advanced topics such as the challenges of democratic rollback in emerging democracies. As a distinguished recipient of the MUSKIE fellowship, he earned his degree of Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas. In a separate chapter of his academic journey, as a UGRAD alumnus, he accumulated valuable experiences during his time at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Khachatryan has been instrumental in steering international and national projects that have enhanced higher education governance and infrastructures both domestically and across Europe. His pragmatic approach is fortified with expertise in higher education strategic management, higher education governance, and organizational culture.

With proficiency in English, Armenian, and Russian, Khachatryan's diverse interests also encompass collecting coins and banknotes from different countries of different periods, symbolizing his reverence for global histories and civilizations. Travel and cultural engagements have enriched his perspective, fostering a broadened worldview.

Khachatryan is the author of four manuals in his domain, addressing pivotal themes like Strategic Planning and Human Resources in Higher Education. Acknowledged with several awards and scholarships, he actively contributes to professional organizations and has facilitated collaborative ventures across Armenia, the U.S., the UK, and multiple European nations (Sweden, Finland, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Norway), among others.

The Visiting Yesil Professor fellowship is a fully-funded visiting scholar role by way of a generous donation by Duke alum, Magdelena Yesil. This fellowship looks to attract exceptional scholars specifically from Armenian universities.

As part of its global mission to improve the quality of public policymaking through research, teaching, and policy engagement, the Sanford School of Public Policy hosts both short- and long-term visiting scholars on a highly selective basis.