Duke Joins NC-PaCE to Propel Cybersecurity Excellence in North Carolina

 September 8, 2023

Headshot of David Hoffman
David Hoffman

Duke has officially joined efforts with NC State University to develop the North Carolina Partnership for Cybersecurity Excellence (NC-PaCE). This collaborative effort, which unites educational, government, and industry organizations, is dedicated to propelling the state's and the nation's cybersecurity prowess in education, research, and services to combat the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Duke's participation in NC-PaCE marks an exciting milestone in the mission to enhance cybersecurity excellence across North Carolina. The coalition boasts a formidable lineup of academic institutions, including UNC-Charlotte, NC A&T, ECU, UNC-Wilmington, Forsyth Tech, Pitt Community College, and Wake Tech.

Speaking about the integration of Duke University into the NC-PaCE initiative, David Hoffman, Steed Family Professor of Cybersecurity Policy and head of Sanford's Cyber Policy Program, expressed optimism. "We look forward to Duke's cybersecurity leadership program creating synergies with the student and executive education programs offered by the other institutions. Our goal is to create a unique North Carolina cybersecurity workforce pipeline from entry-level positions up to training of C-Suite executives."

NC-PaCE has set ambitious goals to bolster cybersecurity education and research, strengthen collaborative efforts across institutions, and support cutting-edge initiatives to combat cyber threats. The inclusion of Duke further fortifies the coalition's resolve to make North Carolina a cybersecurity hub of excellence.

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