BOV, our Board of Value

 October 26, 2023

Last month, Sanford welcomed back our Board of Visitors, a group of more than 30 alumni and friends to our school, who are some of our most ardent advocates. But I think the BOV really stands for a Board of Value. Their support makes a difference to me and to our school tremendously.

The Board shared what inspires them about Sanford. I just had to share the excitement about why Sanford’s work matters – in their words and mine. We are in full agreement! Here are three reasons our BOV celebrates Sanford right now from their feedback at our recent meeting:

  • Our Faculty: Who was your most impactful professor at Duke? Alumni often tell us about someone who was a teacher, supporter or advocate. Sanford faculty have a track record of the highest quality teaching and scholarship in public policy for 50+years.
  • Our Students: Our students are the core of our school. Our Board includes Sanford graduates from many lived experiences and backgrounds. At Sanford, we recognize the power of diversity to sustain democracy, tackle climate change and address the greatest policy challenges. The need for policy thinkers with solutions is greater than ever before. Our Sanford students are responding.
  • Our Connection to Issues of the Day, like Technology: Technology is in our pockets, on our desks and in our homes. Technology has advanced, but policy around it has not. Sanford is a leader in technology policy with world-class faculty, programs and students. In this new era, Sanford is already demonstrating leadership and impact.

In more than 50 years as an institute and almost 15 years as Duke’s newest school, Sanford has come far in a short time. How did we get there? Generations of leaders and supporters built the facilities, programs, and faculty opportunities that make our school excellent today. Many roads at Duke lead back to Sanford, one of our Board members says.

As Duke prepares to celebrate the Centennial throughout 2024, Sanford has been a big part of Duke’s history and will continue to be a changemaker in the future. Thank you to our BOV and to everyone for the support of our school.


Judith Kelley
Dean and Terry Sanford Professor of Public Policy and Political Science



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