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You Are Invited to a Sanford Community Dialogue on Racism and Inclusion

April 6, 2015

A message from Dean Kelly Brownell

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff.

Please join us in a community-wide dialogue about what the recent events on campus mean for, and to, our community -- students, staff and faculty. Help answer the question:

What can we do to make the atmosphere in the Sanford School as welcoming, open, and inclusive as it can possibly be?

Tuesday, April 7, 12-1:15 p.m. Sanford 04

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I will begin the meeting with brief remarks. We will then break up into small groups for 15 minutes of discussion and brainstorming. Members of the Sanford Diversity Committee will help facilitate the groups. Groups will then report out and we will have a 30-40 minute large group discussion.

I wanted to thank our Diversity Committee, chaired by Kate Whetten and Jay Pearson, for its fine work over the past two years, its response to recent events, and the important role I know it will play as we move forward. This committee reports directly to me and will be certain the suggestions made on Tuesday will be woven together with work underway to help craft a blueprint for progress.

Please join us for this important discussion; help us make Sanford stronger and better.

Kelly Brownell