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#HumansofDukeSanford: Nathan Keene

June 26, 2017

#HumansofDukeSanford is an occasional series highlighting members of the Sanford community.

"The ethics class I took for the Public Policy requirements - we talked a lot about health outcomes and inequalities and Scrap Exchange tackles that. They try to engage low-income neighborhoods and the community around here. Seeing that has helped me to apply the ethics  that I have learned. I have taken [several] philosophy courses and there is a lot that I learned about the importance of community, the rights of a community, how it helps individuals to grow. Scrap Exchange is really big on trying to foster that sense of community, and help try to make itself part of Durham. In that sense, it has really helped me see in an actual sense what the power of community can be." - Nathan Keene ’19

Nathan Keene is helping The Scrap Exchange in Durham redesign and revitalize their open-studio design center.

Photography/Interview: Thamina Stoll

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