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#HumansOfDukeSanford: Anthony Alvernaz, PPS '17

November 11, 2016


This is the seventh #HumansOfDukeSanford story of the semester. One story will be published weekly this fall.

Anthony Alvernaz, PPS '17 sitting in chair at Sanford

"I’ll give you two answers for why I chose to major in both Public Policy and Computer Science. One is about my mantra about society and one is about the personal connections between the two. Personally, I would drive myself crazy just studying one discipline. Computer science is fantastic and is great to dive into, but doing too much of it at once kind of makes me go insane, so public policy is a relief for that, and vice versa. There’s a lot of value in complementing the two. There’s no doubt about the fact that as a society, there’s going to be more and more issues related to technology that will result in policy. I’m not too sure of what I want to do after college, but obviously something that blends the two. The real answer is that I don't want to do just one."—Anthony Alvernaz, PPS '17

Photography/Interview: Katherine M. Zhou / Edited by Joel Luther