February 2023

Jainey Kumar Bavishi PPS'03  has been appointed as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Deputy Administrator for Oceans and Atmosphere. In this role, Bavishi is responsible for providing agency-wide direction regarding climate resilience, fisheries, coastal, and ocean programs, including efforts related to NOAA’s implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. Link to NOAA announcement.              

Jimena Rico Straffon MPP’15 published an article at the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management about the deforestation impacts of logging concessions and eco-certification in the Peruvian Amazon. This paper is coauthored with Duke professors, Alex Pfaff and Jennifer Swenson, as well as Duke alumni, Zhenhua Wang, Stephanie Panlasigui, and Colby Loucks. She started the project during her MPP summer internship at WWF, then it became her master's project, and it evolved to a research article. Link to article. 

Lindsey Kurnath MPP’08 has been appointed as the Superintendent of Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, in Pennsylvania and New York state, National Park Service (NPS) Northeast Regional Director Gay Vietzke has announced. Lindsey values the experience and expertise of park staff and community members and inspires others to work towards common goals. Link to Pike County Courier article.

Mary Kingston Roche MPP’10 delivered a TEDx talk in November 2022 titled, Creating a Curiosity-Inspired Life and World. The talk was centered around her experience as a teacher, policymaker, advocate, and Mom. Link to TEDx talk.   

Lori Cashman PPS’94 company Victress Capital has rebranded as Visible Ventures. They invest in bold, diverse teams that build superior consumer experiences and the technologies that power them. Link to website. 

Hanna (Heycke) and Mike Gill MPP’20 welcomed their beautiful daughter Grace in October of 2022.