May 2021

Mary Adkins PPS’04 is an author and writing coach. Her recent novel, The Privilege, has been translated into German.

April 2021

Rajesh Bansal MIDP’09 leads Carnegie India's Tech & Society program, and discusses ways in which digital financial technologies can be made more inclusive in the podcast Interpreting India. In this March episode, Jonathan Dharmapalan joins Bansal to shed light on Central Bank Digital Currencies.

March 2021

On April 20, a new book co-authored by Gregg Behr MPP’00 and Ryan Rydzewski will be published by Hachette. It’s called When You Wonder, You’re Learning: Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids.  Behr writes, “The book digs into the science behind Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and explores how educators, parents, and others are following in Fred’s footsteps in some very modern ways. We’ve tried to write something that’s both playful and practical, imaginative and instructive. If nothing else, we hope it brings a bit more kindness and humanity into the world.”  Behr is the director of the Grable Foundation and the leader of Remake Learning in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pearce Godwin PPS’08 is the associate producer of a new documentary The Reunited States. It features people working to bridge our countries political and racial divides and invites views to consider what role they can play.

February 2021

Jason Pate PPS’09 head of corporate strategy and development at Plaid, a platform that connects financial apps and services. The company has a commitment to diversity and just launched an incubator for underrepresented tech founders.

January 2021

Brandilyn Y. Dumas PPS’03, a lawyer with Greenberg Traurig LLP in New York, has been honored by City & State as one of the 2020 “The Responsible 100” list. Dumas is a real estate shareholder at the firm, and is a member of the firm’s African-American affinity network.

Sean Lyngass PPS’07  is a senior reporter at Cyberscoop, covering issues of cybersecurity and the Department of Homeland Security and Congress. On January 6, he was a guest speaker on these issues in an event hosted by Sanford Professor David Hoffman.