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The Duke Sanford Summer Social Featuring Dean Judith Kelley  

On May 18th we invited Duke public policy alumni, students, and friends to join us for a summer gathering on the Duke in DC rooftop. The event provided an exceptional opportunity to connect and engage with fellow members of the Duke family in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Dean Judith Kelley welcomed our guests and shared updates on all things Sanford.  The ambiance was infused with a sense of excitement as Duke public policy alumni, hailing from various backgrounds and career stages, reunited to celebrate their shared academic and professional journey. Additionally, the gathering offered a warm welcome to recently graduating students who had just begun their new chapter.

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Presented by our partner the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy 
Reversing the slide in America’s Health  

On May 17th Alumni were invited to a conference bringing together national health policy experts, public officials, and policymakers, as well as private sector leaders to partake in a strategic discussion centered around solving the nations most pressing health policy challenges.

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 Duke Alumni Forever learning institute - Climate Changemakers series 


On April 18th Alumni were invited virtually to join our experts including Sanford Lecturer Sara Sutherland as they discuss the impacts of climate change on our economic structure. With likely billions of dollars in property damage and the breakdown of transportation networks, our panel in discussed potential solutions.


- 2023 Conference on Climate Change & Migration  

On April 21st a conference on climate change and migration was held in Washington D.C., sponsored by the Duke Program on Climate-Related Migration, the day-long conference brought together researchers, policymakers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to address the intersection between climate change and migration. Conference organized by Sanford Professor Sarah Bermeo.


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Black Sanford Connects - Alumni and Student Reception

On April 6th, Alumni and students joined together for a reception sponsored by the Sanford Development and Alumni Relations office and supported by the student group Policy In Living Color. Black Sanford Connects was an opportunity for current Black Sanford graduate students to meet and network with Black Sanford graduate program alumni or Black Duke alumni working in public policy.

The purpose of this event was to build authentic relationships and share genuine experiences. 


 Duke Alumni Forever learning institute - Climate Changemakers series 


On March 28th, students joined Sanford Associate Professor Sarah Bermeo virtually to discuss solutions and address the challenges of the moment. Duke is researching ways to build resilience in the natural and human environments with equitable mitigation and adaptation in climate change efforts. 


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SLAC Alumni Mixer

On March 16th, the Sanford Latin American and Caribbean Students' Association (@Sanford LAC) had the privilege of organizing a networking trip to Washington D.C. for students to connect with alumni from the MIDP and MPP programs at the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy. During this trip, we had the opportunity to connect with outstanding alumni who are making a difference in multilateral institutions such as the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), World Bank, IMF, and Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). We also learned about the important advocacy work that national institutions like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), UNIDOSUS, and NALEO are doing to protect the human rights of the Latino community in the US.

The trip was a rewarding experience for everyone who participated, providing professional and personal insights that reinforced our commitment to contributing to sustainable development in Latin America and serving and empowering our communities.

SLAC DC Alumni event


Sanford Career Services Alumni-Student Networking Reception

On February 27th, Sanford hosted an alumni-student networking reception. It had been over 1,100 days since Duke Sanford held an in-person student/alumni mixer. It was an excellent opportunity for our undergraduate, MPP, and MIDP students and local alumni to get together and discuss current policy issues, post-grad life, and networking.  

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Duke women's weekend and Sanford panel

On March 2nd roughly 75 Duke alumnae and students came together at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy to participate in the Women in Policy panel and discussion. Moderated by Visiting Egan Professor Margaret Sullivan, our wonderful panel consisting of Caitlin Durkovich, Amy Kramer, Tonya Robison, and Cathy Taylor shared their insight and engaged with the audience, discussing the issues and obstacles facing women in public policy. 

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The 2022 Post-election panel: what just happened?

The post-Election panel was organized and coordinated by Duke DC Women Forums and co-sponsored by Duke Sanfords' development and alumni relations team.  Led by volunteers Jill Wilson B.S'98 and Catherine Abbott A.B'91, p'26. Featuring alumni speakers, John Harwood A.B.'78, Nia-Malika Henderson A.B.'96, and Neil Newhouse A.B.'74. The panel was a bi-partisan discussion about the midterm elections and key factors surrounding our electorate. To watch the full panel discussion click here.


Discourse for Democracy

The Discourse For Democracy was a series of four virtual events presented by Duke Alumni Forever Learning Institute, sponsored by Duke Sanford's Development and Alumni Relations, and cosponsored by the POLIS: Centre for Politics. 

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Discussing our Health

On November 1st, A panel of professors including Sanford Professor Kate Bundorf held a discussion about how much the government should be involved in providing care and legislating what care we seek. To watch the full discussion click here.

Our Pocketbooks

On October 18th, Sanford Professors Lisa Gennetian and Michael Munger shared the push and pull factors of our economy and how these factors influence our nation's and people's wealth. To watch the full discussion click here.

Discussing Our Boundaries

On October 4th, Sanford Professors Abdullah Antepli and Kenneth Rogerson, along with James Burnet PPS ‘98, participated in a panel about the fair and equitable ways for the nation to place limits on itself, its members, and outside actors. To watch the full discussion click here.

Discussing our Right to Vote

On September 13th, Sanford Professor Deondra Rose and alum Paul Brathwaite MPP ‘93, JD’96, P’26, held a discussion about the importance of voting for realizing the promise of our democracy for all. To watch the full discussion click here.

A Discussion About Election Integrity

On October 12th, Sanford held an event in Charlotte NC, to discuss election integrity. The right to vote is a fundamental tenant of our American democracy. However, over the past few years, America’s faith that our electoral process is fair and free has been shaken. Accusations of electoral fraud, voter suppression and intimidation, unbalanced campaign finance rules, gerrymandering, and international tampering have called into question our electoral integrity. Sanford Professor Pope 'Mac' McCorkle led a discussion exploring some of these accusations and the potential impact. Big thank you to our host Elizabeth Starr, we were also joined by John Wester JD'72 and Dan McCready T '05, both with experience in Charlotte politics.

Picture from Charlotte event

Can We Arrest Our Way out of the Epidemic of Gun Violence?

On October 26th, We had an in-person event in Chicago, to discuss the current gun control practices in Chicago, Durham, and Boston, and promising upcoming reforms led by Professor Philip Cook who made the case that at the very least it would be helpful to improve the arrest and conviction rate from its current rock-bottom level and that there are ways to do just that. The clearance-by-arrest rate for homicide has declined dramatically over the past few decades, both in Chicago and nationwide. The greatest barrier to success in police investigations of violent crime is the lack of cooperation by victims and other witnesses. Big thank you to our host Terry Mascherin. Sanford's Board of Visitors. 

MPP Black Sanford Connects Event

In April of 2022, five MPP alumni returned to Sanford to meet with MPP students for a Black Sanford Connects event. Black Sanford Connects was an opportunity for current Black Sanford students to meet and network with Sanford Black MPP Alumni from a variety of industries in order to build authentic relationships and share experiences of being a Black professional in public policy. The group met for three hours. 

Group of about 20 people, all smiling.

Standing for Equal Justice featuring Bryan Stevenson

The fall 2022 Terry Sanford Distinguished Lecture will feature Bryan Stevenson, the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), a human rights organization in Montgomery, Ala. He is the author of the critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Just Mercy, which was adapted as a major motion picture. Under Stevenson's leadership, EJI has won major legal challenges eliminating excessive and unfair sentencing, exonerating innocent death row prisoners, confronting abuse of the incarcerated and the mentally ill, and aiding children prosecuted as adults.