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November Memo '22

November featured Alumni Profile: Lindsey Kurnath MPP '08

"We have to think in the moment to protect the park from hurricanes or other disasters, but we also have to think 50 years into the future" Deputy Superintendent of the Fire Island National Seashore Lindsey Kurnath.

Read the Dean’s Message: Gratitude for Community.

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October Memo '22

Read the Dean’s Message: Our Commitment to Climate.

At the end of September, Sanford hosted the Board of Visitors on campus. This group of stellar alumni and advocates helps guide and support the school. 

MPP Class Reunions

Alumni notes

Alumni notes and more.

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September Memo '22

September featured Alumni Profile: Terrence Neal PPS'15

Advancing rule of law on the international stage, “I appreciated developing a strong set of critical thinking, analytical writing, and quantitative skills that I could apply to real-world issues.”

Read the Dean’s Message: The Sanford Student Experience

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August Memo '22

August featured Alumni Profile: Chasity Boyce PPS'06

Many people credit college with saving them, but Duke actually saved Chasity Boyce's life when she was a baby. “I grew up always, like, I’m going to Duke. It wasn’t even a question in my mind.” She set her goal to do something with her life and then be able to give back to the university.

Read the Dean’s Message: Bold Beginnings.

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June Memo '22

June featured Alumni Profile: Jennifer Yam PPS'14

As part of the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, Jen worked to expand opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses to win contracts from the city. 

Read the Dean’s Message: An Anniversary of Impact and Ambitions.

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May Memo '22

May featured Alumni Profile: Sonia Sekhar MPP'14

Sonia Sekhar currently serves as Deputy Director of the NY State of Health, New York’s official health plan marketplace. At NY State of Health, Sekhar leads the eligibility and enrollment data collection and reporting and serves as policy lead for the technical implementation of state and federal changes to Qualified Health Plans and the Basic Health Program in New York.

Read the Dean’s Message: Congratulations to the Sanford Class of 2022.

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April Memo '22

April featured Alumni Profile: Felix Li PPS'07

Li has been involved with social justice and race relations since high school. His classes with Sanford Professors Tony Brown and Robert Korstad led him to a career in education

Read the Dean’s Message: Spring is a time of renewal.

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March Memo '22

March featured Dual Alumni Profile: Lisa Lawson PPS’89 & Campbell Lawson PPS’24

Like mother, like daughter. This family boasts five Blue Devils across three generations, two of them public policy majors.

Read the Dean’s Message: Sending Support to our Community and World.

Alumni notes and more.

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February Memo '22

February featured Dual Alumni Profile: Marcus Morrow MPP'14 & Ciara Coughlin MPP'16

They didn’t meet on campus but in Washington, D.C., through the Sanford network. Now married, the couple is back in Durham, commuting virtually to their new jobs.

Read the Dean’s Message: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In Focus. 

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January Memo '22

January featured Alumni Profile: Faith Begay-Dominique MPP’15

She is the first Native American graduate of the Sanford School of Public Policy’s master program and became a powerful advocate for bringing Native voices to the table in domestic and national policy.

Read the Dean’s Message: Sanford continues to look forward.

Alumni notes and more.

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