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#WhyPublicPolicyMatters Vlog Series

The #WhyPublicPolicyMatters YouTube vlog series features Sanford alumni talking about how they use policy skills in the professional world. For example during the COVID-19 pandemic, public policy has been changing from day to day, and our alumni have to either plan for or deal with the repercussions in a variety of roles. Listen to real stories, from real alumni, talking about how they are tacking these fast-moving changes. 

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Why Public Policy Matters - Compilation

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Susan George James

Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Susan James joined the Sanford School in 2012. After graduating from Duke University, she lived in New York City for several years before heading back to the Triangle to work in marketing and communications for companies both large and small. She returned to Duke a few years ago and works with alumni on campus and across the country. She and her family live in Durham a few blocks from her freshman dorm. She earned a MA degree from UNC-Wilmington.


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