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Social Policy

Social Policy has many facets, and four streams that draw on the core strengths of the school have been identified: 

  • The Poverty, Race, and Social Exclusion stream focuses on issues of equity related to socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity.
  • The Child and Family Policy stream looks at children and education, as well as the changing American family system.
  • In the Leadership and Ethics stream, students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while examining issues of ethics, social entrepreneurship, and public values.
  • Students who chose the Environmental Policy stream will examine domestic and international environmental issues, and the role of economics in determining environmental policy.

A sampling of past internships in these areas is included – for more complete information visit the Sanford Career Services Office.

Social Policy Path 1: Poverty, Race, and Social Exclusion
Possible Courses The Insurgent South
  Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality
  United States Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
  Human Trafficking
  Poverty Policy After Welfare Reform
  Race and Ethnicity
  Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy in the US
  Gender, Identity, and Public Policy
  Schooling and Social Stratification
  Poverty, Inequality, and Health
Potential Internships Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  Harlem Children's Zone
  Homes for the Homeless
  Legal Aid Society


Social Policy Path 2: Child and Family
Possible Courses Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy in the US
  Schools and Social Stratification
  Schools and Social Policy
Potential Internships Casey Family Programs
  Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
  ChildCare Inc.
  Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
  Teach for America

See also the Center for Child and Family Policy.

Social Policy Path 3: Leadership and Ethics
Possible Courses Theory and Practice: People, Places, and Policy Cases
  Religion and Politics
  Women as Leaders
  Leadership, Policy, and Change
  Whose Democracy? Participation & Public Policy in the US
  The Politics of Civic Engagement
  Border Crossing: Leadership, Value Conflicts & Public Life
  Enterprising Leadership
Potential Internships Center for Public Integrity
  Council for Excellence in Govt. Leadership
  National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council
  National Foundation for Women Legislators
  Seattle Ethics and Election Committee

See also the Hart Leadership Program, the Center for the Study of Philanthropy and Voluntarism, the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and Research Service Learning at Duke.

Social Policy Path 4: Environmental
Possible Courses Collective Action, Environment & Development
  Water Cooperation & Conflict
  Energy & U.S. National Security
  United States Environmental Policy
Potential Internships Environmental Protection Agency
  National Park Service
  Openlands Project
  Oregon Department of Natural Resources
  Sierra Club Legislative Office

See also the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions.