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Certificate Programs


Sponsored by the Center for Child and Family Policy, the Child Policy Research Certificate Program builds students’ knowledge of child and family issues, while also providing the necessary academic tools for students to engage in research that informs policy and practice.

Drawing on child and family-related courses taught in other departments, including Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, Economics, and Education, the certificate offers an interdisciplinary look at the issues shaping today’s children and adolescents.


The DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy, part of Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy, offers this certificate.

As global communications undergoes a period of rapid and profound change, this certificate is designed for students interested in preparing for careers in media policy, journalism, or any of the associated professions.

smiling WomanMy experience as an undergraduate at Duke in a public policy setting was important to help me get to where I am now. Because of that background, I can give much more context in the stories that I tell as a journalist. For example, not just saying, “There’s an education gap,” but instead I’ll think, “What were the policies that led to this education gap and how did we get here?” Critical thinking like that is definitely something that I got from my Duke Sanford experience. – Aisha Turner PPS ’09, Policy Journalism and Media Studies Certificate; Senior Producer NBC News/MSNBC