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Internship Experiences

Our students spend their summers around the globe, some traveling north to large East Coast cities, others to the West Coast, and still others pursue internships in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. They share in common a passion to improve our the world by applying their new policy knowledge and skills. Following are just a few excepts from student blog posts about their internship experiences:

It is exciting to be at INTERPOL Washington, but not for its high glamour. When I tell people where I work, the typical ask-back is: “Oh, so how many criminals have you caught this week?" Incorrect media portrayals and flashy action movie renditions aside, the multinational and multilateral nature of INTERPOL itself is enough to make anyone’s head whirl. I’m enjoying my work here. It is not only globally relevant but also incredibly fascinating. - Haoxiaohan Cai PPS'14 Read more about Haoxiaohan's internship experience at INTERPOL.

Daniel Ketyer PPS'15 with a friend in front of Food Forward vehicleThis summer, I have been working with Food Forward to expand on an innovative model to combat food insecurity, one of our nation’s most pressing – yet solvable – issues. This is my first time experiencing life in California, and I am doing exciting and important work with a great group of people – not a bad way to spend a summer! I believe we can greatly improve the health and well being of low income individuals in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Spending the summer working with Food Forward is a first step. My last two months with Food Forward have been enlightening, invigorating, and most of all, greatly rewarding. - Daniel Ketyer PPS'15 Read more about Daniel’s internship experience at Food Forward

I’m an intern at Appleseed, a nonprofit network of public interest justice centers in the U.S. and Mexico. I’m currently working on an immigration project we’re calling “Promise of Citizenship.” As legislators debate thorny issues like what to do about 11 million illegal immigrants and how to better secure our borders, our work deals with an often-neglected piece of the puzzle: encouraging eligible legal permanent residents to become citizens. I’m producing a series of relevant op-ed’s. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend some real policy gatherings – a conference call with the White House, a roundtable session with Director Cordray of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and a press briefing with the National Council of La Raza.  Not exactly fetching coffee! I feel very fortunate to be working at an organization that strives for pragmatic solutions. - Marissa Medine PPS'14 Read more Marissa's internship experience at Appleseed.

Concepts that I learned about in class become practical day to day matters, ethical ruminations become realities, and the flowchart of how the media affects policy and vice versa continues to reveal itself as more of an intricately interconnected web. The ABC News family has welcomed me with open arms. The culmination of my summer internship with ABC11 was a trip to Washington DC, for a weekend of sightseeing but also a visit to the DC bureau. I had the incredible opportunity to watch the production of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. - Lizete Dos Santos PPS'15 Read more about Lizete's local internship experience at ABC 11.

 Brandenburg Gate in BerlinIt is easy to get stuck in the mindset that you must work in D.C. or New York City for your policy internship. I was hoping to find an opportunity that would allow me to return to Berlin in the summer. So I hopped on Google, typed ‘public policy’ and ‘Berlin,’ and Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) was the second or third link to pop up. GPPi is a vibrant think tank environment— everyone is extremely friendly. I’m amazed and inspired by the accomplishments and experiences of every single person that I’ve met – from UN agencies to think tanks, NGOs, teaching positions, research around the world, publications, and current Ph.D. projects. - Heather Durham, PPS'15 Read more about Heather's experience at the GPPi in Germany.