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Health Policy

The Health Policy pathway is comprised of two streams – Health Policy and Health Disparities. For students who want a general exposure to health policy issues, the Health Policy stream includes a variety of topics ranging from aging to genomics. In the Health Disparities stream, students will explore inequities within the health system and the relationship between health and poverty. A sampling of past internships in these areas is included – for a full listing, visit the Sanford Career Services Office.

Health Policy Path 1: Health Policy
Possible Courses Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System
  Introduction to Global Health
  Health Policy
  Multidisciplinary Approaches to Global Health
  Long Term Health Policy
  Topics in Population, Health, & Policy
  Responsible Genomics
  The Politics of Health Care
  Value of Money in Health Care
Potential Internships National Human Genome Research Institute
  Ohio Department of Aging, Long Term Care
  Texas Department of Health
  UT Houston Medical School
  VA Medical Center

See also Global Health Certificate Program and the Center for Health Policy.

Health Policy Path 2: Health Disparities
Possible Courses U.S. Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities
  Poverty, Inequality and Health
Potential Internships Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  Durham Regional Hospital
  Health Inequalities Summer Internship Program (Duke)
  Pan American Health Organization
  Public Hospital Pharmacy Coalition