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Pathways in Public Policy

Students who major in public policy may choose to focus their electives in Pathways. These are similar to “concentrations” in other majors. They are not required but provide an opportunity to develop deeper knowledge in a specialized area of interest.

You may select from five pathways:

Within these pathways, you will find opportunities to narrow your focus even further. For example, the Social Policy pathway includes four streams: Poverty, Race, and Social Exclusion; Child and Family Policy; Leadership and Ethics; and Environmental Policy.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to develop a coherent plan for your undergraduate public policy career. Keep in mind:

  • Examples of electives and internship opportunities are listed in charts in this section of the website.
  • Sample classes listed may not be offered every year.
  • You may not use core or required courses to complete a Pathway. If you are writing an honors thesis and your work is relevant to your Pathway, you may use one of the Honors Seminar courses toward Pathway completion.
  • You may petition to add courses to a Pathway.