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Current Students

Welcome current students! 

Here you can find everything you need in order to successfully complete your major. From current courses, to independent study, to internship requirements, use the navigation above to find all the details to complete your major requirements.

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  • Need help? Ask!

    Suzanne Pierce is the Sanford School's undergraduate program coordinator. Suzanne is available to help with any question you might have. Call her at 919-613-7320, or email her at suzanne.pierce@duke.edu.

There are lots of research centers and programs at Sanford. From ethics and leadership, to food policy, to child and family policy to global health -- the Sanford School has more than thirty groups focused on specific topics. There are even some opportunities designed specifically for undergraduates:

View the complete list of centers here.

Global Education


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Public Policy Majors Union

The Majors Union is the official organization representing undergraduates at the Sanford School.

2020-2021 Majors Union Officers

  • President: Alexandra Hanzlick
  • Director of External Affairs/Treasurer: Gautam Iyer
  • Director of Academic Affairs: Alice Wu
  • Director of Career Affairs: TBA
  • Director of Communications: TBA
  • Director of Social and Community Planning: TBA

Student Story

Kaylee Brilhart received the 2020 Terry Sanford Leadership Award for her efforts to make low-income, first-generation students more visible at Duke. Kaylee plans to be a public defender.