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History Electives

Note that not all history courses at Duke satisfy the Public Policy Major's history elective requirement. These current courses do:

Spring 2020

HISTORY 89S-02 (4217) Black Lives Matter

HISTORY 89S-03 (8624) What Now: SA Life Histories

 HISTORY 125S-01 (6327) Doc Exper: A Video Appr

HISTORY 156S-01 (4120) Gateway Seminar: Cold War America

HISTORY 160S-01 (4122)) Gateway Seminar: The Global Sixties

HISTORY 183S-01 (4123) Gateway Seminar: Civil Rights/Asian American

HISTORY 190S-07 (4036) Imagining Human Rights

HISTORY 201-01 (7353) Globalization and History

HISTORY 223-01 (4127) Modern China, 1800-Present

HISTORY 238S-01 (4129) Political Nonviolence

HISTORY 272-01 (4134) Genocide and Human Rights

HISTORY 286-01 (4136) Europe in Twentieth Century

HISTORY 290-01 (4029) History Special Topics-Duke Engage Prep: The Americas

HISTORY 311S-01 (4138) Men, Women, and Sports

HISTORY 334S-01 (4038) The University as a Culture 

HISTORY 342-01 (4141) Making Modern America

HISTORY 345-01 (4143) North American Environmental History

HISTORY 365D-001 (4145) The Modern Regulatory State

HISTORY 390-01 (8065) Topics in History Lecture: Black Lives Matter Brazil-USA

HISTORY 390S-01 (4149) Topics in History Seminar: What Might Have Been

HISTORY 450S-01 (8591) South African Life Histories

HISTORY 488S-01 (4183) Research in Human Rights

HISTORY 548S-01 (4188) Global History of Medicine

HISTORY 790s-10-01 (4192) Rdngs Empr/Colonial Encounters

PUBPOL 645S-01 (5251) Global Inequality Research: Racial Wealth Gap

Fall 2019

History 89S-02 (6460) US History Fact/Fiction

History 114-01 (6372) Intro History Modern Warfare

History 130D-001 (6374) American Dreams/American Realities

History 130D-04D (6378) American Dreams/American Realities

History 167S-01 (8625) Nationalism

History 214-01 (6387) The Modern Middle East

History 242S-01 (5262) Human Rights in the Americas

History 286-01 (6396) Europe in Twentieth Century

History 307-01 (3726) History of Economic Thought

History 328-01 (6401) Global Brazil

History 340-01 (6402) Civil War and Reconstruction

History 343-01 (6403) The History of Modern America

History 348-01 (6404) Civil Rights Movement

History 358-01 (2592) The South in Black and White

History 357S The Insurgent South

History 363-01 (6407) Capitalism in the U.S.

History 386S-01 (6805) Apartheid S-Africa/Democracy

History 389S-01 (6408) Family Rights/Human Rights

History 390S-01 (6410) Research in Human Rights

History 396S-01 (6817) Racial Justice: US & S Africa