There are no prerequisites in order to declare the Public Policy Studies major. However, there is a flow to the major requirements and advance planning is important. 

No Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) courses may be counted towards the major requirements.

5 Core Courses 

  1. PUBPOL 155D: Introduction to Policy Analysis -- This course is a prerequisite for all of the the core courses except STATS 199 and PUBPOL 303.  This is the gateway course for the major.
  2. PUBPOL 301: Political Analysis for Public Policy
  3. PUBPOL 302: Policy Choice as Value Conflict or PUBPOL 330/GLHLTH 210 Global Health Ethics
  4. PUBPOL 303: Microeconomic Policy Tools or ECON 201D: Intermediate Microeconomics I
  5. STATS 199 Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Thinking -- ECON 104 may substitute for STATS 199.

2 Required Courses

  1. PUBPOL 304: Economics of the Public Sector -- Note: students who have taken Econ 201D cannot take PUBPOL 303.
  2. History Elective – Choose an elective from this list. -- Note: the history elective must be taken on campus at Duke; it cannot be a transfer or study abroad course.

4 Electives

  • 4 PUBPOL Electives at the 160-699 level (one of which MUST be a 401-699 level course)

Internship & Course 

  • Internship and PUBPOL 120: The internship and the non-credit, pass/fail internship course.

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