Best Honors Thesis



Sophia Katz


Tyler Kopp

2019 - Madison Ann Mastrangelo

2018 - Blaine Elias

2017 - Jessica Elisabeth Kalili Van Meir

2016 - Christie Marie Lawrence

2015 - Xinshu Sui

2014 - Caroline Michelle Jacobs

Joel Fleishman Distinguished Scholar Award

Recognizes the graduating major with the highest academic achievement in Public Policy Studies.


Hannah Miao


Hayden Lynn Manseau

2019 - Kushal Tushar Kadakia

2018 - Maura Elisabeth Smyles

2017 - Parker Colburn Gilbert and Jessica Elisabeth Kalili Van Meir

2016 - Matthew Allen Peterson

2015 - Reed Adam McGinley-Stempel

2014 - Michelle Christine Burrows, Li-Kuang Chen, Marissa Weil Medine, and Hong Zhu

Terry Sanford Leadership Award

Presented annually to a graduating major recognizing their achievement in leadership.  Students are nominated by faculty and staff and voted on by the faculty committee. 


Lauren Howell


Kaylee Brilhart


Shandiin Herrera

2018 - Adam Nicholas Beyer and Jacqueline Aram Monetta

2017 - Osasenaga Kelly Aghayere and Jessica Elisabeth Kalili Van Meir

2016 - Christie Marie Lawrence and John Anthony Sullivan

2015 - David Gregor Robertson and Ishan Yatin Thakore

2014 - Andrew Leon Hanna

Susan E. Tifft Teaching and Mentoring Award

This award is presented to a Sanford faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of the undergraduate program and has a deep commitment to the intellectual, professional and personal development of undergraduate majors in public policy.


Professor Kristin Goss


Professor Abdullah Antepli

2019 - Professor Deondra Rose

2018 - Professor Nicholas W. Carnes

2017 - Professor Catherine Adcock Admay and Professor Gunther W. Peck

2016 - Professor Kenneth S. Rogerson

2015 - Professor Jay A. Pearson

2014 - Professor Alma G. Blount

Undergraduate Speaker

Each year at the Public Policy graduation ceremony a senior makes a speech.  The speech is often the highlight of the ceremony. 


Aly Diaz


Eric Biehn

2019 - Vanessa Agudelo

2018 - Amy Lynn Kramer

2017 - Steven Richard Brenner

2016 - Isabella Kwai

2015 - Vignesh Sapthagiri Krishnaswamy and Emily Catherine Hadley

2014 - Joy Chang Liu