The Eads Family Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund provides funding to encourage undergraduate public policy majors to become involved in faculty research projects. 

To receive EADS funding over the summer, you must reside in NC. No exceptions can be made to this rule, as Duke policies dictate that EADS recipients live in NC. Summer positions begin the day after graduation.

Please apply directly to the person listed in the position description, providing a resume and explanation of your interest in the position.

Juniors or sophomores might have an opportunity to build on the experience by choosing to write an honors thesis. 

Spring 2023 Projects


Supporting duke world food policy center projects

Faculty: Norbert Wilson

Contact: Sarah Zoubek

The student will support Dr. Norbert Wilson, Director of the Duke World Food Policy Center, in the following activities: a project on the future of online groceries (desk research, interviews, coding in NVivo - a qualitative software tool), a National Science Foundation project on food waste, and a project on the experiences of low-income Americans below the federal poverty line (coding in NVivo and analysis).

payout rates of U.s. state lotteries

Faculty/Contact: Charles Clotfelter

State lotteries have increased their payout rates over the past several decades. In North Carolina that increase has occurred in just one game, instant scratch-off tickets. The study will look at whether this has been the case in other states. RA will study financial reports of U.S. lotteries to gather information on sales and prizes by game using lottery websites. Will need strong research skills; comfort with numbers and spreadsheets.

diplomacy and intelligence during the first world war

Faculty/Contact: Jennifer Siegel

I am working on two book projects: 1) a history of diplomacy during the First World War, and 2) a project on intelligence in occupied Belgium during the First World War. I am seeking student RAs to help me process foreign-language archival materials. Students with language skills in French, German, or Flemish are especially encouraged to apply.

targeting of infrastructure in the middle east and north africa

Faculty/Contact: Erika Weinthal

A student will work on a project on targeting environmental/civilian infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa. Research will entail building a database of infrastructure targeted during recent wars in the Middle East, including water, sanitation, and energy infrastructure. The project also examines the ways in which international actors (i.e. humanitarian and development actors) have responded to infrastructure destruction in the Middle East and the role of international environmental and humanitarian law. The student may also become familiar with working with visualization tools such as Tableau.


Life as a Research Assistant

Camille Ampey really knows what it's like to be an undergraduate research assistant. She spent a summer conducting research for four different Sanford entities.

She traveled to courthouses in the area to do public records research for professor Beth Gifford. She created an interactive map of historically black colleges for professor Deondra Rose. She also collected data for professor Sarah Komisarow, and worked on anti-bias research for Sanford's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

Ampey says she especially liked being able to work closely with faculty members, building connections with them and finding out more about the wide variety of research that is happening at Sanford.