Our students spend their summers around the globe, some traveling north to large East Coast cities, others to the West Coast, and still others pursue internships in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. They share in common a passion to improve our the world by applying their new policy knowledge and skills. 

Kimberly Calero (PPS ‘20)

Lambda Legal, New York, NY

"My internship at Lambda Legal focuses on advocacy and education in service of LGBTQ youth in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and homeless systems of care. While the work can be emotionally draining at times, it’s always important to see the light in progress that has been made and to maintain hope for the future of our youth."


Tori Williams (PPS ‘20)

Foundation for Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"I researched hurricane recovery programs implemented in the U.S. as well as ways to measure community vulnerability. Using this research, I wrote a report and a literature review detailing the research that my supervisors could refer to while they craft hurricane recovery and preparedness initiatives for Puerto Rico."

Katherine Gan (PPS '21)

Kamala Harris for President, Iowa

"This summer I worked on Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign in Iowa. We attended many events in the community in order to meet potential caucus-goers and recruit new volunteers. I will be taking off the upcoming school year to work to make her our next president. I have and continue to learn so much about politics and policy on the ground."


Sebastian Borda (PPS ‘20)

U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC | Office of Governor Greg Abbott, Austin, TX

"In D.C. I worked as a Congressional intern for Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), where I researched Hong Kong’s contentious extradition bill, the conflict in Syria, and U.S. trade in the Indo-Pacific. In Texas I worked in the governor's office, conducting a review of bills vetoed by the governor and a review of governor's homelessness efforts across the U.S."