Many Duke Global Policy (DGP) Program in Geneva participants also seek an internship in Geneva in addition to attending the course week. 

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Maria Ramirez, MPP '20, Duke Global Policy HCRHR Fellow, IOM Internship


Geneva participants are responsible for securing their own internships, but the program has a strong reputation and can provide information about where students have interned in previous years. 

Sanford MPP/MIDP students interested in completing internships in Geneva or Europe should work with the Sanford Career Services team.

Non-Sanford MPP/MIDP participants will need to work with their own career support offices for direct help on securing an internship in Geneva.

Please note: Students will need to take a week off from their internship in June to attend the Intensive Course Week. Internship supervisors are generally attracted to applicants who are available for longer periods (3 months), but shorter internships are acceptable in certain instances.