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Information Sessions


Duke Sanford Students

Are you a student at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy (PPS, MPP, MNSP, MIDP)? We invite you to view a video session designed specifically for you!  In the folder, you'll also find presentation slides and other information. 

*Non-Sanford students should view the other presentation.

Explore Video & Presentation - Sanford Students

Non-Sanford Students

Are you a Duke student who is not getting a degree from Sanford? Or maybe you're from another school altogether. We've created a custom presentation just for you that has all of the information you need. 

The link below includes a video information session for students from non-Sanford degree programs and students from other institutions along with the presentation slides and other information.

*Sanford students should view the other presentation.

Explore Video & Presentation - Non-Sanford Students

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