Program Fees

Summer 2024 costs

  • Duke Students: $2,350 *
  • Non-Duke Students: $3,700

*Duke Sanford MIDP and MPP students pay a subsidized fee of $1,700.

    • Tuition for PubPol 860 course (worth 2.0 academic credits from Duke University Graduate School)
    • Advising, program webinars, and orientations to equip fellows to live and work in Geneva
    • Networking and social events in Geneva
    • Course reception and special dinner
    • Access to alumni network (over 700 previous participants)

    additional NOTES

    Program fees do not cover room and board, airfare, visa fees and other living expenses. Each participant is responsible for paying program fees, room and board, airfare and other living expenses.

    Students should inquire with their home institutions, programs, or sponsors for potential support early in the year.

    Geneva applicants

    For students that choose to pursue an internship during the summer, Non-EU citizens must apply and receive a work visa to intern in Switzerland. Most students participating in internships lasting less than 12 weeks will need to apply for their visa in person at the Consulate in their jurisdiction, which may require travel.  Students participating in internships that are 12 weeks or longer are typically able to apply for their visa through mail at their local Swiss Consulate.  For more information on your closest Swiss Consulate, please visit the Swiss Visa website