The Humanitarian Crises, Refugees, and Human Rights Fellows track offers a unique opportunity to learn firsthand how humanitarian assistance is formulated and implemented. 

The program focuses on pressing humanitarian issues, including crises, international migration, refugees and resettlement, and the rights of vulnerable children.  Fellows selected for this program gain both academic and experiential perspectives on how intergovernmental institutions, public-private partnerships and nongovernmental organizations shape humanitarian action policy.

The program is open to graduate students attending schools of public administration, education and leadership, public policy, human rights and more. We also accept a limited number of exceptional undergraduate students.


student group on human rights trip
Students at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva. 

The course provides participants with a thorough introduction to international humanitarian assistance, human rights, and human security. It explores how the international community can better respond to humanitarian crises such as the influx of refugees in Europe, HIV-AIDS in Africa, or ongoing civil conflict in countries such as Sudan. It examines the importance of both cooperation and collaboration on a global scale by organizations such as the International Red Cross, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), and development organizations. 

During the course week, the program also facilitates additional evening events, such as a program reception, mentorship dinners, and networking events.


Alumni Reflections

 "I am incredibly grateful to have participated in the Geneva program. This was a transformative experience! I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in human rights, humanitarian law, or international relations. Being a fellow has been the peak of my Sanford journey!" - Mona Zahir, Duke Sanford