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Public Policy PhD Job Market Candidates


Laura Bellows headshotLaura Bellows

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Immigration Enforcement and Schooling Outcomes

Fields: Social Stratification, Social Policy, Education Policy, Immigration Policy

References: Anna Gassman-Pines, Liz Ananat, Seth Sanders


Mercy DeMenno portraitMercy DeMenno

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: The Politics of the Regulatory Policymaking Process: Three Essays on Governments, Markets, and Effective Regulatory Governance

Fields: Regulatory Governance, Regulatory Policy Analysis, Financial Regulation

References: Frederick Mayer, Edward Balleisen, Tim BütheLawrence Baxter


Maria Carnovale headshotMaria Carnovale

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: On Global Value Chains, Inequality and How Policies Reshape it.

Fields: Global Value Chain Analysis, Industrial Organization, Development Economics, International Trade, International Political Economy 

References: Alex Pfaff, Fritz Mayer, Gary Gereffi



Sierra Smucker portraitSierra Smucker 

Curriculum Vitae Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Disarming Women, Disarming Men: Why Pro-Guns States Passed Gun Regulation from 2013 to 2015

Fields: Politics of policy making

References: Kristin Goss, Deondra Rose, Phil Cook


Emma Zang

Curriculum Vitae Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Three Essays on Spousal Health Spillover Effects

Fields: Demography, Health, Family, Inequality, Quantitative Methods

References: Seth Sanders, Christina Gibson-Davis, Scott M. Lynch, Kenneth C. Land