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Public Policy PhD Job Market Candidates


Marwa AlFakhri headshot, smiling.Marwa AlFakhri

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Essays in Labor Economics

Fields: Labor Economics, Family Economics, and Economic Demography


Ajenai Clemmons headshot, smiling.Ajenai Clemmons

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Understanding How Heavily Policed Civilians Assess Police Performance

Fields: Policing; Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; and Political Institutions

ReferencesDr. Deondra RoseDr. William A. Darity, Jr.Dr. Jay Pearson, Dr. Nicholas Carnes


Sarah Cross headshot, smiling.Sarah Cross

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Exploring Hospice Live Discharges: Market, Provider, & Patient Level Factors

Fields: Palliative Care and Hospice, Health policy

ReferencesDon Taylor, Nathan Boucher, Haider Warraich


Francisco Meneses headshot, smiling.Francisco Meneses

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Intergenerational Mobility After Expanding Educational Opportunities: A Quasi Experiment

Fields: Labor Economics, Political Economy, Economics of Education

ReferencesErik Wibbels, Pablo Beramendi, Anirudh Krishna, Marcos Rangel


Emily Rains headshot, smiling. Emily Rains

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Political Engagement in Indian Slums: How Neighborhood Informality Shapes Citizenship

Fields: Urbanization and Development, Comparative Politics, Political Behavior

ReferencesAnirudh Krishna, Erik Wibbels, Carolyn Barnes