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Political Science

Public Policy PhD students with a disciplinary concentration in Political Science must meet Political Science departmental requirements for research methods courses and departmental requirements for one of the Political Science Preliminary Exam Fields.

To meet the departmental research methods requirements, students must complete a minimum of two courses from the following list:

  • PS 575S: Intermediate Statistical Methods
  • PS 633S: Introduction to Positive Political Theory
  • PS 631: Political Applications of Game Theory
  • PS 731: Scope and Methods in Political Science
  • ECON 703: Econometrics I
  • STA 611:  Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • STA 831: Probability and Statistical Models

To meet the departmental preliminary exam field requirements, students must complete a minimum of three courses, including the field seminar, in one of the following field areas:

  • American Political Science
  • Comparative Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Political Science Methods
  • Political Science Theory