The MPP/MD dual degree is an interdisciplinary five-year program appealing to medical students interested in pursuing career opportunities to perform high-quality analyses of local, state, federal, and global health issues. MPP policy analysis and public management tools can help physicians become more effective players in healthcare policy.

In addition to meeting Duke School of Medicine (SoM) requirements, the five-year MPP/MD program includes 39 units of public policy coursework, a public policy summer internship, and the completion of a Master’s Project under the close supervision of a public policy faculty advisor.

Students are accepted to Duke SoM through their regular application process; they then apply to Duke Public Policy in the fall of their second year. Interested School of Medicine students should contact Dr. David Matchar, Third-Year Study Track Director, for discussion of their choice of mentor project and additional information on the MPP/MD dual degree.


Julian Xie MPP/MD ‘20

"I went to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. I was actually in the room when they announced the Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well Being. I had participated in the Duke Global Policy Program in Geneva and actually worked on that plan during my internship with the U.N. World Food Program. I felt like my work had gone somewhere, that organizations were going to change their behavior as a result of the little slice of it that I contributed to."

For specific application procedures and information on the MPP program, please refer to the MPP admissions page.