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Current Semester Course List

Due to COVID-19, some fall 2020 course offerings, days, times and/or locations may change.

Number Course Name Instructor Meets Room Semester Year
PUBPOL 845S.01 RACIAL/ETH MINORITIES AMER POL White, Ismail M 03:05 PM-05:35 PM Class Bldg 106 Fall 2020
PUBPOL 849A.01 MARINE POLICY Murray, Grant M 03:05 PM-05:50 PM ML-Repass 112 Fall 2020
PUBPOL 850.01 SOCIAL POLICY Barnes, Carolyn Tu 04:40 PM-07:10 PM Sanford 07 Fall 2020
PUBPOL 860.01 SPL TOP IN GLOBAL POL & GVNCE Hepburn, Amy - TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 860.02 SPL TOP IN GLOBAL POL & GVNCE Johnson, Tana - TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 860.03 SPL TOP IN GLOBAL POL & GVNCE Yamey, Gavin - TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 870K.01 STATS AND PROGRAM EVALUATION Ji, John Tu 06:00 PM-08:30 PM TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 871K.01 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ANALYSIS Goron, Coraline TuTh 10:30 AM-11:45 AM TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 890.01 SPECIAL TOPICS Boucher, Nathan Th 11:45 AM-02:15 PM TBA Fall 2020
PUBPOL 890.03 SPECIAL TOPICS Smokoski, Jessica Sperling W 03:05 PM-05:35 PM Rubenstein 151 Fall 2020