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Student Leaders

These Sanford School student organizations provide input to the school’s leadership team.

Sanford MPP Student Council

The Sanford Student Representative Council brings  concerns, questions and recommendations regarding the MPP program to the administration. The Council facilitates student involvement in Sanford School planning in partnership with the Director of Graduate Studies and MPP Director of Student Services.

2020-2021 Representatives:

President Andrea Barnes
Council Liaison Sam Speicher
Honor Board Representative Madelyne Huibregtse
Treasurer Liam Miranda
2nd-Year Representative Jacquie Ayala
2nd-Year Representative Mariana Vedoveto
1st-Year Representative Elected in Fall 2020
1st-Year Representative Elected in Fall 2020
GPSC Representative Elected in Fall 2020
GPSC Representative Elected in Fall 2020
Dual-Degree Representative Elected in Fall 2020

MPP Academic Committee

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  • Adam Beyer stands with "vote" sign

    A Quiet Leader

    Adam Beyer received the Terry Sanford Leadership Award in 2018. As president of the Duke Democrats during his sophomore and junior years, Adam focused on securing an early voting site on campus. He also registered students to vote. "I personally registered hundreds of students, maybe close to a thousand,” he said. 

    The award was named for the founder of the Sanford School, Terry Sanford, who was known for ethical leadership. 

The MPP Academic Committee serves as a forum for student concerns regarding topics such as requirements for academic concentrations, course offerings and electives, core curriculum needs, Master’s Projects and faculty and student interaction and advising.

The Public Policy Studies Majors Union (PPSMU)

The Majors Union is the official organization representing undergraduates at the Sanford School. Led by students, the Majors Union engages students in the life of the Sanford School and provides opportunities to learn and network outside of the classroom.

2020-2021 Representatives

  • President: Madison Cullinan
  • Director of External Affairs/Treasurer: Autumn Barnes
  • Director of Academic Affairs: Spencer Kaplan
  • Director of Career Affairs: John Honeycutt
  • Director of Communications: Dalia Dichter

PhD Executive Committee

The PhD Executive Committee is the organizing body for PhD students.

Board of Visitors

Students serve as ad hoc members of the school’s advisory Board of Visitors, providing student perspectives during the board’s biannual meetings. 

2019-2020 Representatives

  • PhD: Ajenai Clemmons
  • MPP: Hanna Heycke
  • MIDP: Francisco Jeria
  • Undergraduate: Madison Cullinan

Student Story - Kaylee Brilhart

In 2020, Kaylee Brilhart won the Terry Sanford Leadership Award. Kaylee was very active with a program that works to make low-income, first-generation students more visible at Duke.