Duke's strategic vision is bold and exciting.

We invite you to explore this map of Duke's strategic vision, and see how the Sanford School of Public Policy is contributing to Duke's bright future.

"As we look ahead to our second century, our strategic vision is an invitation for all of us—faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends of the university—to think together about our turn to the future, about how we can remain true to the Duke we have always been while charting our course toward the Duke we are destined to become." - Duke President Vincent Price

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Empower the Boldest Thinkers

From the Vision Statement: Duke is the place where the world’s brightest minds go to meet the most important challenges. We recognize that their accomplishments comprise the true measure of our institutional excellence.

See how Sanford is empowering bold thinkers

Transform Teaching and Learning

From the Vision Statement: Duke will rethink our undergraduate, graduate, and professional education strategies to create innovative, team- based pedagogies and curricula, to take advantage of new technological opportunities, and to build a robust and responsive learning community that includes everyone.

See how Sanford is transforming teaching and learning

Strengthen our Campus Community

From the Vision Statement: Working to ensure that all who call Duke home share a lived experience that is increasingly inclusive, equitable, engaging, healthy and vibrant. Duke seeks to be a diverse and stimulating campus that promotes personal growth among all of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

See how Sanford is contributing to strengthening campus community

Partner with Purpose

From the Vision Statement: Strengthening relationships in Durham and serve as a collaborative catalyst in our region to our research ecosystem while improving community health, housing, and education.

See how Sanford is partnering with purpose

Engage a Global Network of Alumni

From the Vision Statement: Activating our alumni and engaging our friends to create new opportunities for growth and discovery to advance our educational, research, and service missions.

SEE HOW SANFORD IS engaging our global alumni network

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Explore Duke's strategic vision website, which maps out initiatives and includes a timeline for progress.

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