The Sanford School of Public Policy has a limited number of rooms available for use by the Duke community, and by those who serve the Duke community. We prioritize space for public policy faculty, staff and students as well as our affiliated research centers and programs. For non-Sanford and non-Duke requestors, space rental fees will apply.


Large Event Space 

Fleishman Commons (or 772501) and the adjacent lobby (7725LOB) can be requested to hold large public lectures and receptions. Permission to use these spaces will only be granted if the event is well aligned with the Sanford School mission.

Conference/Board Rooms 

(Rubenstein Hall 7739200; Sanford 7725223) The Conference/Board Rooms may be reserved by non-Sanford groups up to three months before the event, but not further in advance.   


(Rubenstein Hall: 7739149, 7739151, 7739153; Sanford 772503, 772504, 772505, 7725102, 7725150, 7725224, and 7725225) These rooms are generally too restrictive for special events. In general, our non-Sanford guests will not be able to reserve classroom spaces during the academic year until 10 business days after the start of the fall and spring terms. 

Small Meeting Rooms 

These are used only by internal groups.

Fleishman Commons

Guidelines for use



The Dean of the Sanford School reserves the right to refuse the rental or use of the space, or if overriding necessity dictates, to bump confirmed reservations to accommodate an event of major importance to the school.

By requesting to use space in the Sanford Building or Rubenstein Hall, you agree to read your confirmation, and follow all room use directives.


Questions or to request a space 

Email for questions or request a space using 25Live.