Join us in Sanford 255. All are welcome.

Originally located in Rubenstein Hall 120, the Sanford community can now find Sanford's Safe Space in Sanford Building 255 (SB225), next to the office of the Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion Spenser Darden (SB256). 

The Safe Space was conceived as a respite from discourse that can be demeaning, antagonistic, or fraught. From its inception, the Safe Space has been intended as an accessible and welcoming harbor for faculty, staff, students and visitors. The move to the Sanford Building allows it to serve that purpose better. 

"This change represents the central role we recognize experience, identity, and marginalization to play in how people navigate institutions like ours," Darden says. "It is our hope that all find the new location amenable. We look forward to continued feedback on ways Sanford can promote an inclusive and welcoming community of learners and leaders."


Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion Spenser Darden in the Safe Space in the Sanford building. All are welcome. The space is in room 225.